Our Curriculum is inspired by various approaches:

  • Reggio Emilia which emphasises emergent curriculum based on what the children show an interest in. Facilitators have the responsibility to provide the resources and adapt activities according to what the kids are interested in, to support them in their choices and guide them to explore further.
  • Self-Directed Education trusts the innate desire of every child to learn and understand their world. By giving them the opportunity to choose what they learn about and being flexible to each child’s individual style and pace of learning, they are able to follow their passions and interests without fear of failure or comparison with others. This is also an important function for self-empowerment and is fundamental in showing and growing respect in each other, child and adult alike.
  • Montessori understands the importance of mixed age learning, and places importance on task completion. Although the methods are usually structured around mainstream curriculum, we have some Montessori learning materials that can support and further a child’s learning in a specific area, if these tools are a more familiar process the child prefers to engage in.
  • Waldorf places emphasis on the whole (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical) of the developmental stages and the educational aspects of these. Creativity is fundamental to a child’s development and there is emphasis on the use of good quality and natural materials.
  • Waldkindergarten is the original model of outdoor immersive learning. At no point do children learn in an indoor environment. Shelter is provided in risky weather, but otherwise the aim is to
    provide as varied an outdoor learning environment as possible. Growing, harvesting, preparing meals to share, fire work and other practical skills are ingrained in the everyday flow of the learning experience.
    These are just brief examples of the different pedagogical aspects we keep in mind for a child’s learning development. This is in no way exhaustive and the main goal is to remain flexible, respectful and open to the individuality of each child.